Friday Feb 17th 2017

Friday: 10:00 – 11:30


Lateral dumbbell raises + front arm dumbbell raises (super set) 10lbsx12 10lbsx10 15lbsx8 20lbsx8 10lbsx8

Seated dumbbell lateral raises 10lbsx12 10lbsx10 15lbsx8 20lbsx8 10lbsx8

Leaning machine lateral raises 11lbsx12 11lbsx10 11lbsx11lbsx8 10lbsx8

Seated bent-over lateral raises 10lbsx12 10lbsx10 10lbsx8 15lbsx8 10lbsx8

Deltoid flyes 44lbsx12 44lbsx10 55lbsx8 66lbsx33lbsx8


Leg raises 20x4

Toe touches 20x4

Plank 30sx4




225g beef

113g onion

220g chinese broccoli

1 egg

250g strawberries


240g pork

414g zucchini


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