Thursday Feb 16th 2017

Thursday: 10:00 – 12:00


Fixed weight barbell curls 40lbsx12 50lbsx10 60lbsx8 70lbsx8 40lbsx8

Dumbbell curls & hammer curls (super set) 15lbsx12 20lbsx10 25lbsx8 30lbsx8 15lbsx8

Seated inclined dumbbell curls 10lbsx12 10lbsx10 15lbsx15lbsx8 10lbsx8


Triceps rope extensions 27,5lbsx12 33lbsx10 38,5lbsx8 44lbsx8 27,5lbsx8

Triceps kickbacks 10lbsx12 10lbsx10 15lbsx8 15lbsx10lbsx8

Triceps pushdowns 33lbsx12 38,5lbsx10 44lbsx49,5lbsx8 33lbsx8

Straight-arm pullovers 15lbsx12 20lbsx10 20lbsx8 25lbsx8 15lbsx8




176g beef

25g chicken

1 egg

Lettuce salad with clementine

Peanut butter sandwich

1 banana

1 clementine


117g pork

205g beef

1 egg

202g mango

136g zucchini

205g broccoli

105g carrot



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