Wednesday Feb 15th 2017

Wednesday: 10:00 – 11:30


Leg press 270x12 360x10 450x8 540x8 270x8

Lying leg curls & seated leg curls (super set) 70x12 80x10 90x8 100x8 50x8

Leg press calf raises 180x12 270x10 360x450x8 270x10

Seated calf raises 45x12 90x10 135x135x90x8


Leg raises 20x4

Toe touches 20x4

Plank 30sx4




222g chicken

50g rice

70g cauliflower

60g carrot

70g onion

61g green pepper


Peanut butter sandwich

60g broccoli

1 banana

200g pork

2 hard-boiled egg

250g mango



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